Sunday, 24 July 2011

True Blood Season 4: Ding dong!

I'm liking season 4 so far, and I'm really liking Alcide and Eric. Entertainment Weekly did these covers taking off the famous American Gothic painting.

Reasons Why the 90s Were Awesome

I constantly think that the 60s and the 80s were really cool decades for fashion, music, film and TV. People kind of think that the 90s were lame, maybe because it's not so vintage yet. The more I think about it though, the more I think the 90s were actually amazing; I was a teenager; awkward but imaginative, and ignoring some of the embarrassing boy bands and awful pop music I liked at the time, there was a lot of cool stuff around. Fashion-wise there were the Supermodels, beautiful and glossy, gracing the covers of magazines, making work-out videos and cropping up just about anywhere. Babydoll dresses were fashionable thanks to Courteney Love, and oversize plaid shirts stolen from your boyfriend or brother could go with ripped jeans or mini skirts.

On TV there were plenty of weird and wonderful shows like Twin Peaks, Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Eerie, Indiana, Buffy,  The X Files, The Outer Limits and American Gothic. There were also the teen angst shows like My So-Called Life and Party of Five, but the Californian cheesy shows like Saved by the Bell, California Dreams, Baywatch and Sweet Valley High were just as addictive.
Teens also dominated in film, with Clueless, The Craft, Cruel Intentions, Scream and Romeo + Juliet, just a handful of the dozens of fantastic films that came out during that decade (I know there are a lot I could mention, but that probably deserves a separate blog post). All of Johnny Depp's movies were brilliant, or odd, Winona Ryder was just about the most beautiful thing ever, True Romance, and Pretty Woman.
Grunge music dominated, with Nirvana leading the way, whilst female singer-songwriters such as Jewel, Lisa Loeb, Sarah Mclachlan and of course Sheryl Crow and Alanis did Lilith Fair. Not to mention the fact that MTV was good back then.
Here are a few of the best things about the 90s:

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